A social commentary on mostly design but then also sci-fi, cooking, well you name it I might get there if its interesting, and certainly if if paid!

Im open to all sorts of advertising proposals just try me!

To explain this site is a little tough,  but look the main idea is that it is interesting and that it propagates interest in other sites, be they more specific ie just Sci-Fi and not also design, coffee of the week etc.

SO in a cross-pollination sort of way we all get exposed to some good or at least interesting writing.

a list of some of the things we can all get into

  1. Book reviews: Sci fi books mostly and I WILL try to be as honest as I can….
  2. New music: Its good to try something new (see music section)
  3. Technology: All things tech/Apple/OSX/Design/Phones
  4. NASA: Space related chit chat comments, How is the new Mars probe doing!?
  5. Recipes: Man you have gotta love good food eh? spread the word I say
  6. Victoria Sponge Cake Reviews: Vitally important to the nation if not the world…
  7. Coffee: Can’t function without a really good coffee, so lets learn more…
  8. Typography: I love design especially graphic design
  9. Web Design: Web design movers and shakers
  10. Print/Logos: Media use and comments
  11. Space: Real scifi haha
  12. Graphic Design: Print/web/type
  13. Photography: Tips, ideas influences beyond the ‘Auto’ setting

As you can see if I cover 27% of that I’d have a huge blog, but hell at least it would be interesting I suppose!

So if you have anything you would like to share, Great Photographers/recipes/designs let me know and you may feature!

And i like to keep the posts relatively short as no-one likes to read pages on screen do they? or DO they?


Hey look this blogging thing is mostly about cross pollination isnt it? If  you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours!

SO contact me here with you potential ideas for posts/music suggestions etc

If successful I will of course reciprocate and publish a link back (as long as you have one !) and we can advance together!!!!!