Actually its less of a book review more of a comment on reading itself – at least the process or rediscovery.

I had read all five of the Cormac series before, but massively interspersed with many other things (life/kids/other sci fi stories (heaven forbid) beer/sport etc) so the flow was in a way broken, although this can really be put down to just waiting for the next book to be published. I had the books upstairs in the loft, so dusted down the box and got them out (they are quite new, its just my loft is VERY dusty).

Now then the plan was to read all five books in a row – and really for me surprisingly I stucj to that (as you may have noticed from other ramblings I do get distracted somewhat) anyway, its been a while since I have read the first two of the series (Gridlinked and Line of Polity) therefor I had reallty forgotten a lot of the plotlines (or possibly sleep deprivation to children is to answer for there), but really I whipped through all five books, sashayed through the Brass Man, Waltzed through the Polity Agent and Rumbaed (to Rumba i think)  into Line War (interestingly-ish the reason I started all this was that I had infact re-read book 5 first and inspired me to get back to the others.

SO here is the thing as they say in American crime drama – I loved it, Neal’s works are ace and tie together splendidly – hats off young man! – But what i’d really like (and this would be too grand and big for real life print I think) is a digital version in one ebook, perhaps with the books somehow tied together a little as the stories do flow nicely into each other – now this may not work due to timeline differences and the fact that Mr Asher has probably far more interesting things to do with his time – but maybe it could be a goer? who knows anyway loved it – that all im saying.


Oh yes and go read them 10 out of 10s them all