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Make an impact!!! professional cover designs

Make your own book cover using my design skills! (why yes folks I’m a very experienced graphic designer!)  ALSO includes free image from Shutterstock! Yes it does! to make it look really professional! Quick turnaround, multiple corrections (if needed- lets not hope not !) Look want your book to stand out more? want it to have decent typographic layout, of course you do!! Just contact me and we’ll chat – hideously cheap or even free (possibly,...

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Book review: Old mans war series (4 books so far)

Book review: Old man war series John Scalzi Sci-Fi author OK right well there are actually more than the four books mentioned in the title, BUT i’ve only read the first four so hence this review etc etc, the actually full list is as follows: Old Man’s War is book number one, The Ghost Brigades, the sequel to Old Man’s War; The Last Colony, book 3, Zoe’s Tale, the fourth book in the series. The Human Division, the one i haven’t got round to yet and The End of All Things, the sixth book which has so far escaped my eyes. So as ever –...

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Peake time to return to Earth

Its now time to return to earth – well l2 days to go, but whats 2 days when you been up there for just over 26 weeks. Tim has provided us with many insights and beautiful images of the planet earth, just have a look at his twitter feed to see for yourself: The Flickr feed is also packed with great imagery: Times been an inspiration to adventure, to schools, to ambition and we welcome him safely back in a few short days! Looking forward to the biography...

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Books under review 2016

Or as i like to call it in reality – books that I have read and really haven’t got round to reviewing yet, just because of etc etc So to come: Hyperion / Fall of Hyperion / Endymion – Dan Simmons Dune / Children of Dune – Frank Herbert (retro eh?!) Old Mans War / The Ghost Brigades / The Last Colony – John Scalzi Nemesis Games – SA Cory I guess thats kindle life for you – you whip through several books at once. Was nice to dip into some classics and see how they compare against the newer breed of sci-fi writers! Any recommendations let me know and ill get not...

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