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Re-reading but new reviewing

Looking back at some of my past reads, im re-visiting some of the older sci-fi books in my collection. I think often we have our own favourite authors or genres within our given subject choices. so to re-visit is a good thing, it reaffirms why we got into these authors in the first place – I’ve been back over Alistair Reynolds, the first four Polity books by Neal Asher and now starting over with Iain M Banks Culture series.

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The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

An in-depth read, reminded me of China Mielville’s first book Perdido Street Station. Full of description, reality based sci-fi, mixed in with liberal true grit and hardship. Often the book slows down, but comes together ultimately.

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Hey Pluto!

Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft has just passed Pluto, and now heading out to the Kuiper belt.    As we speak this Wednesday (July 15) the craft is now past Pluto and safe (its pinged im a ok message back to HQ) and will soon beam back all its collected data and new images, although not exactly quickly as a radio signal take four and a half hours to reach earth! Bigger than thought, Pluto is in fact 2,370km wide. More to...

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