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OK im on it!

Yeah i know its been a bit slack here but a whole range of new things are coming soon honest! email me if you need, otherwise strap yourselves...

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Tuna Pesto Pasta (the easy way)

I dont like to over-complicate things, so here is a VERY quick, 5 min (well sort of) recipe, ideal for lunches when you want something more than a sandwich… Tuna Pesto Pasta Ingredients: 3 Tea spoons of Green Pesto (Look I know its not handmade, but its quicker alright!!?!) 1 Can of Tuna in whatever you like (oil, water etc) 1 Packet of fresh pasta, Tagliatelle best as its hold the flavour better than spagetti, Penne also ok Some cherry tomatoes halved A dash of grated parmisan Method: Cook pasta Add all the rest into a pan, warm up When pasta...

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Some Dec Music

Available in the influence me section here are a few tracks to whistle you on your way in December… Lordy xmas is almost upon us and far from placing the usual festive playlist in front of you I encourage you to try some new bands/music, so here is a brainstorm list, some of which you may or may not like: Public Service Broadcasting Nightmail /  Royal Blood Figure it out  (the next new thing? oo possibly, but v good)/ Foster the people Dont stop (colour on the walls) / Mazes Letters Between U&V / Superfood Right on Satellite – Anyway that should keep you going at least until you are sick of turkey…...

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Intrepid Baboon coffee

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new coffee, hey look I like coffee have you not guessed?!  ANYWAY i loved the name and LOVED the taste, now my good pal was from Leighton Buzzard, so naturally its a house of coffee product! (well not really naturally as I guess the vast majority of you have never heard of Leighton Buzzard let alone the coffee..) Its a strong wake-me-up-give-me-a-rattle-and-get-on kind of brew, excellent creme and powerful but not over-powering. Go get some – but only available mail order...

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