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Make an impact!!! professional cover designs

Make your own book cover using my design skills! (why yes folks I'm a very experienced graphic designer!)  ALSO includes free image from Shutterstock! Yes it does! to make it look really professional! Quick turnaround, multiple corrections (if needed- lets not hope...

Book review: Old mans war series (4 books so far)

Book review: Old man war series John Scalzi Sci-Fi author OK right well there are actually more than the four books mentioned in the title, BUT i've only read the first four so hence this review etc etc, the actually full list is as follows: Old Man's War is book...

Peake time to return to Earth

Its now time to return to earth - well l2 days to go, but whats 2 days when you been up there for just over 26 weeks. Tim has provided us with many insights and beautiful images of the planet earth, just have a look at his twitter feed to see for...

Books under review 2016

Or as i like to call it in reality - books that I have read and really haven't got round to reviewing yet, just because of etc etc So to come: Hyperion / Fall of Hyperion / Endymion - Dan Simmons Dune / Children of Dune - Frank Herbert (retro eh?!) Old Mans War / The...

Re-reading but new reviewing

Looking back at some of my past reads, im re-visiting some of the older sci-fi books in my collection. I think often we have our own favourite authors or genres within our given subject choices. so to re-visit is a good thing, it reaffirms why we got into these authors in the first place – I’ve been back over Alistair Reynolds, the first four Polity books by Neal Asher and now starting over with Iain M Banks Culture series.

The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi

An in-depth read, reminded me of China Mielville’s first book Perdido Street Station. Full of description, reality based sci-fi, mixed in with liberal true grit and hardship. Often the book slows down, but comes together ultimately.

Hey Pluto!

Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has just passed Pluto, and now heading out to the Kuiper belt.    As we speak this Wednesday (July 15) the craft is now past Pluto and safe (its pinged im a ok message back to HQ) and will soon beam back all its collected data and new...

OK im on it!

Yeah i know its been a bit slack here but a whole range of new things are coming soon honest! email me if you need, otherwise strap yourselves in!

Tuna Pesto Pasta (the easy way)

I dont like to over-complicate things, so here is a VERY quick, 5 min (well sort of) recipe, ideal for lunches when you want something more than a sandwich... Tuna Pesto Pasta Ingredients: 3 Tea spoons of Green Pesto (Look I know its not handmade, but its quicker...

Some Dec Music

Available in the influence me section here are a few tracks to whistle you on your way in December... Lordy xmas is almost upon us and far from placing the usual festive playlist in front of you I encourage you to try some new bands/music, so here is a brainstorm...

Intrepid Baboon coffee

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new coffee, hey look I like coffee have you not guessed?!  ANYWAY i loved the name and LOVED the taste, now my good pal was from Leighton Buzzard, so naturally its a house of coffee product! (well not really naturally as I...

Asher Cormac – pentology (look i made that up ok?! but its sounds about right)

I had read all five of the Cormac series before, but massively interspersed with many other things (life/kids/other sci fi stories (heaven forbid) beer/sport etc) so the flow was in a way broken, although this can really be put down to just waiting for the next book to be published. I had the books upstairs in the loft, so dusted down the box and got them out (they are quite new, its just my loft is VERY dusty).

Book review – Game of thrones book 1 (hold onto your lunch)

I have eventually got round to reading this and to be fair the word EPIC is an apt description throughout this book – its a wide ranging, no-holds bar medieval thrusting beast of a book, descriptive and shocking (this aint no tinsle-town-happy-ending-kind-of-a-book-with-too-many-hyphenated-comments) Its a guts with lots of blood, sex, war, and many other dark things

Book Review

First things, well thing, being a graphic designer i’m a visual sort of chap and therefore wasn’t really turned on by the cover, its looks a bit average to me* – perhaps in this digital world it matters less, but im not sure… That aside this book (lets call it a book shall we?, we all know its an e-book, digital thing, but ultimately still words on page, anyway i digress…)

Lyon, France typographic poster

Just saw this lovely example of typography in the museum in Lyon dedicated to the history of the town.   Link to there website    Also quite enjoyed their branding and...

Kilobots flash mob of 1,024

Harvard University scientists have devised a swarm of 1,024 mini robots that behave like a natural swarm, well one consisting of only 1,024 and one instructed by a computer... The researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering in...

Book cover design service

Listen! im fed up with all the poorly designed book covers around, especially digital!, therefore im going to provide a one-stop-shop that you can get predesigned covers from! (you just provide the title/author details etc) and there you go. Then you have the means to easily promote yourself via a quality designed cover!! read on, read on!!…

Retro book covers

Its just a thing, but as im a graphic designer by trade (reasonable rates folks and quality just contact me etc etc!) and in the process of doing some book covers - so i was looking for some inspiration and just happened to find the image here on a search (click...

The Darwin Elevator Review

Soooo where to begin, well firstly dear reader, if you are looking for a series of books (lets face it those of us whom like our space opera often like there to be more than one book) there are three books already published aswell, in this series and they are all (well the first two as I have not actually got round to book 3 just yet) are a good lively read.

Jan 2014

OK folks back in the saddle a whole raft nay plethora of updates to come... how exciting, stay tuned to this site or twitter for for info and HAPPY NEW YEAR! cb 2014

Surfing the microfoam… (updated)

Having recently just got a Gaggia Classic the importance of milk frothing and the coffee making in general have been thrust upon me with greater urgency - as lets face it - I'm the one drinking the coffee so I want it to be the best, therefore I need to get good at...

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