Shortly, im going to setup a design service on this site for book covers!

The service will provide a shop that you can select your predesigned cover from (you just provide the title/author details etc) and there you go. The image is included in the price and you benefit from getting a quality cover in no time at all designed by a professional designer. (ie me! see link here for justification!)

The idea is to usurp (look it up folks here!) the huge amount of poor/average books covers, especially ebook digital covers, with quick, good looking, eye catching new ones! Lets face a good cover helps you get noticed and is easier to promote yourself from. Well, so there will be three main types:

Bespoke ebooks covers 

The bees knees, the DADDY of the shops offering, essentially for a one-off fee you get: An image chosen from shutterstock/fotoila (included free) a cover designed beautifully and with as many revisions as you like. Image manipulation and expert art directions to really push home the book covers impact! (click here for the full details)


Premium Pre-designed Covers

Its easy – choose a cover, send in your book name/author name and you’ll get a cracking cover back in 2-3 days, with unlimited tweaks! High-quality typography and elements to make your book sell! premium cropping  to enhance the look and feel. (browse the shop now)


Quick covers

Quicker turnaround, therfore, less costs, less involvement but still AMAZING value and quality… (honest) just less choice of typefaces/typographic useage, possibly slightly inferior image than those of the Premium Pre-designed covers.