Positives: Keeps you turning the pages, Romance, Horror, Creepy goings on

Negatives: Some Gore, Graphic stuff going on but no need to watch what you eat before reading 😉

Book Description:  An ancient evil has reawakened on a small island off the coast of Rhode Island, eager to cause death and destruction as it has twice before, but three teens face it with their newly-developed supernatural abilities.

Review: First things, well thing, being a graphic designer i’m a visual sort of chap and therefore wasn’t really turned on by the cover, its looks a bit average to me* – perhaps in this digital world it matters less, but im not sure… That aside this book (lets call it a book shall we?, we all know its an e-book, digital thing, but ultimately still words on page, anyway i digress…) Yes so yes its a bit of a page turner and I like it for that, also as in the intended genre definitely a horror book! be aware for some gruesome, creepy goings on – well hey its meant to be scary thats why you brought it right!? BUt yes go get it, maybe more aimed at the mature teen end of things, I cant really say I didnt have fun going through it (thank you Melinda for that!)

Out of ten: OK im in for a 7, I’m really into sci-fi more and dont often read Horror, saying that theres enough here to keep me interested, but also if im being honest I dont have the depth of comparison that I have for science fictions books, still pretty damn good

* dont like to blow ones own trumpet, but here are some of my horror covers, just for reference you understand…