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Re-reading but new reviewing

Looking back at some of my past reads, im re-visiting some of the older sci-fi books in my collection. I think often we have our own favourite authors or genres within our given subject choices. so to re-visit is a good thing, it reaffirms why we got into these authors in the first place – I’ve been back over Alistair Reynolds, the first four Polity books by Neal Asher and now starting over with Iain M Banks Culture series.

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Asher Cormac – pentology (look i made that up ok?! but its sounds about right)

I had read all five of the Cormac series before, but massively interspersed with many other things (life/kids/other sci fi stories (heaven forbid) beer/sport etc) so the flow was in a way broken, although this can really be put down to just waiting for the next book to be published. I had the books upstairs in the loft, so dusted down the box and got them out (they are quite new, its just my loft is VERY dusty).

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Book review – Game of thrones book 1 (hold onto your lunch)

I have eventually got round to reading this and to be fair the word EPIC is an apt description throughout this book – its a wide ranging, no-holds bar medieval thrusting beast of a book, descriptive and shocking (this aint no tinsle-town-happy-ending-kind-of-a-book-with-too-many-hyphenated-comments) Its a guts with lots of blood, sex, war, and many other dark things

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Book Review

First things, well thing, being a graphic designer i’m a visual sort of chap and therefore wasn’t really turned on by the cover, its looks a bit average to me* – perhaps in this digital world it matters less, but im not sure… That aside this book (lets call it a book shall we?, we all know its an e-book, digital thing, but ultimately still words on page, anyway i digress…)

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The Darwin Elevator Review

Soooo where to begin, well firstly dear reader, if you are looking for a series of books (lets face it those of us whom like our space opera often like there to be more than one book) there are three books already published aswell, in this series and they are all (well the first two as I have not actually got round to book 3 just yet) are a good lively read.

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Abaddon’s Gate: Book 3 of the Expanse

First up – those naysayers* (is that a word?) is that its all a bit obvious, well listen up, its a rip-roaring sci-fi novel, excitement and page turning abound. OK you couldnt read this stuff all the time (blistering of page turning thumbs would be a problem aswell as lack of sociability) but its darn fun

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Book review: The Phoenix Conspiracy

I like this book, one of the first I read on my iPad, why? well the first Kindle edition is free (link here) and a great way to introduce the story and author to an already clogged Sci-Fi landscape (what with the upsurge in Sci-fi films etc).

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Ready Player One

I liked this book I really did, something different. Now you need probably to be able to relate to some of the games mentioned (but not to the depth the characters get into). Anyway the MMOG (massive, multiplayer online game) rules the world, people learn, live and play in this environment

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