Oddly where I live we have three huge Damson trees and often I run out of ideas of what to do with the sour little buggers, but this recipe tames the Damson and is dead easy aswell, so you will need:

  • 1kg Damsons
  • 1.25 kg Cooking Apples
  • 1 kg sugar
  • 100ml water

Some instructions
1. Wash the damsons – no really?
2. Put into a pan with the water and simmer gently until the fruit is soft, occasionally pressing the damsons against the sides of the pan to break open and release the stones.
3. Remove the stones – they often bubble to the top – a large spoon thing with holes in is helpful here
4. Test for pectin. AHA no need as Pectin is within the stones, so no special jam making sugar needed here oh no!
5. Add the sugar, stirring until it has dissolved.
6. Bring to the boil and boil rapidly for about 10 minutes until the jam sets when tested – and man does it go purple now!
7. Remove the remainder of the stones as they rise to the surface if you can
8. Remove the scum not Man Utd but the yucky stuff that comes to the surface (ADD IN THE APPLES and mash in until right consistency*)
9. Pot and seal while still hot – get in for some terrific tart jam easy-peasy I say!


* Thank you dear readers – I was having a moment and forgot that instruction 😉