OK updated!!! only too like forever, anyway...

Yes its true new musical linkage to while away to

(June 16, 2016)

Oh go on will you? Today or this week im mostly listening to…

A random selection of music that may or may not influence you, it might just make you all angry and head towards the coffee machine in a huff. But it also might make you go ‘ooer I rather like that, I’ll need to explore more of his/her/their stuff’… Anyway Im always open to new suggestions, so mail me if you have any you think I should be getting into ! and yes i know its mostly a friday thang (and erm not that frequent either, come on CB!! pull ya finger out!)…

June16 – 2016 – Right I’m back, you know work does really get in the way, but anyway, so first up excellent new single: Red hot Chilli’s Dark Necessities followed by a bit of the good old Kasabians Days are forgotten, its not new but i like it so there you go! A terrific track now here from someone you might not know of, Winning Streak by Glen Hansard followed by some avant garde tune: Push off by the Palms and finally some hammond organ funky coolness from the reliable Charlatans: Come home baby More to come no doubt but hey thats enough to keep you going for a while!

Dec 4th – 2015 – So quite liking the following, very good to work to at home, not to intrusive! – Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space also like this: Mac Demarco – Salad Days and this terrific track from the Foals! Foals – Night Swimmers (mentioning the Foals you must listen to this too: Foals – Mountain At My Gates ace track! One more? oh ok, Mr Ryan of Adams: Ryan Adams – Style (cute acoustic version of one of his famous songs here: Ryan Adams – New York, New York)

Nov 24th – 2015 – OK im going to update the music list now but i do need some recommendations so please email them in !!!!

July 19 – IM back!! oh yeah baby! Ahem anyway, right so try these for size… Royal Deluxe – Day Is Gonna Come,  Hyde & Beast – Hard Times Good TimesOf Monsters And Men – Dirty Paws and PINS – Young Girls im sure they’ll get you going and all new stuff too!!!!

Jan 4 (2015) – Well ultimately real work does pays the bills – hence the lack of updating, but this is an awesome album, check it out: The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream

Dec 18 – Lordy xmas is almost upon us and far from placing the usual festive playlist in front of you I encourage you to try some new bands/music, so here is a brainstorm list, some of which you may or may not like: Public Service Broadcasting Nightmail /  Royal Blood Figure it out  (the next new thing? oo possibly, but v good)/ Foster the people Dont stop (colour on the walls) / Mazes Letters Between U&V / Superfood Right on Satellite – Anyway that should keep you going at least until you are sick of turkey…

Oct 23 – Thought i’d share this one withe you: Greg Laswell – farewell

Oct 2014 – Under the influence? no but having moved to Gods Own Country, i’ve been sampling lots of tasty yorkshire ales and so have become side-tracked, that and doing my real job, anyway I digress… Music? not much to lob your way as such, but Unkle Bob (http://unklebobband.tumblr.com/) have a new album out and also Ryan Adams has new ‘un (album) whom im hoping to check out soon… and obviously relate that vital information back to you dear reader!

Aug 2014 – So albums of the year so far? I do like the Broken bells After the Disco and the Lumineers album – but i’m sure theres room for many more and more suggestions folks (just email me) before the end of the year!!!!

July 2014 – Moved house so other things have taken priority but back at it now, new posts to come…!

April 2014 – Goodness me where does all the time go eh? hmm check out the Broken Bells new album: After the Disco, A tune By David Byrne caught my ear the other day from the Look into my eyeball album: Neighborhood (american spelling folks! or correct spelling if you are american etc..!) – I hear Uncle Bob is about to produce some new stuff too..

Jan 2014 – OK back in the saddle, updates shortly….

Most of Dec – Well all sorts of stuff, really, but will update in Jan…

Most of Sept – OK revisted some Turin Brakes and Broken Bells recently… with a hint of Uncle Bob and a suggestion of Ryan Adams, Some Shins and Sufjan Stevens.

Most of July – Well I got busy again ok? and the weather has been good in London (for once) and got a new coffee machine etc etc but the Junip’s Line of Fire is a good listen along with the rest of the album!

Wed  29 May  –  OK so listening to the rather groovy Wilco album called Wilco (the album), its very good and oyu should really check it out, but hey its only a suggestion… &-)

Tues  14 May  –  Look i’ve been busy right? real life has got in the way of updating this website, but here are a few things to tide you over for yet another grey wet day… First up  a great cake resource for us Londonders: Great Cake Places, click here for spongetastic goings on. Next up, back to the music, lets try ‘Loosen your hold‘ by a band called South, quite Turin Brakesesque but good I like it, goes well with my cake ahem. Lastly ‘You’re not the one I want anymore’ By Alex Cornish form the Album Call Back.

Tues  19 Feb  –  Im on a new music bender! well newish as the ace Unkle Bob are now defunct (well as a full band), but still some great tracks to be had such as ‘So Sorry‘ and from the new solo EP ‘Letters’ Cold water

Tues  19 Feb  – Inhaler from the new Foals album ‘Holy Fire’ (a little groovy, a little heavy in places, shakes off the morning cobwebs) and the 2nd track ‘My Number’ is also pretty darn good

Sunday  3 Feb  – Spiky stuff hey kiddies?: Foster the people – Pumped up Kids

Thursday 24 Jan  – some guitar groovy twangy stuff: Unkle Bob – Satellite

FRIDAY 19 Oct  – Something different and nay slightly unusual: Susanne Sunfor – I resign

FRIDAY 30 SEPT  – I lurve the Charlatans, here is a groovy live B side: The Charlatans – Clean Up Kid – Live

TUESDAY 4th AUG  – I am mostly listening to the marvellous: alt-J – Tessellate