OK well its mostly Science Fiction ok, maybe sci-fi that slightly crosses over to fantasy or crime but thats about it as, well there are only SO many hours in the day and one does have to hold down a proper job after all….

General stuff you might need to know

Ebooks, Advance Copies, Published copies (Paperback/Hardback) send em in, well, email me first and we’ll discuss and  sort out all that needs shaking down etc


Other stuff

OK well look all the books I recieve be it ebooks or (yikes) hardcopy, will either find a treasured place on my very own bookshelf (and/or digital iPad assistant) OR be donated to charity. You will only get a rather pithy but honest review, but its only my opinion and all that. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Advertisers feel free to donate swell – I’m open to all offers!