Having recently just got a Gaggia Classic the importance of milk frothing and the coffee making in general have been thrust upon me with greater urgency – as lets face it – I’m the one drinking the coffee so I want it to be the best, therefore I need to get good at milk frothing…

September update: well im actually getting better now (marginally) – it really is a case of practise makes perfect although I suspect those wily coffee baristas in your high street engage some other quick frothing gadget – anyway anyone fancies a coffee come on round hahah!

Take a cursory look around the internet and advice abounds, practice though does seem to be the key, even if this means you are caffeine OD for a month or so and wander around the house buzzing and bouncing off the walls! Decent equipment, coffee all helps but to produce quality microfoam is difficult, so look at the links below, check out youtube, too much advice can be confusing but blazing away thinking you are doing things right when you are now is a waste of coffee drinking time!


Some links then to send you into milk froth heaven:




http://coffeegeek.com/guides/frothingguide (very in depth this one!)


and adventures in MICROFOAM production: http://www.home-barista.com/tips/so-i-finally-learned-to-surf-microfoam-baby-t2452.html