Synopsis: After aliens constructed an elevator from Darwin, Australia into space, humanity established orbital colonies along the elevators cord. Years later, those outside of the machines protective aura were wiped out by a mysterious plague. When the elevators virus shield begins to break down, a scavenger and a scientist must unravel the mystery of the failing alien technology to save what’s left of the world.

Soooo where to begin, well firstly dear reader, if you are looking for a series of books (lets face it those of us whom like our space opera often like there to be more than one book) there are three books already published aswell, in this series and they are all (well the first two as I have not actually got round to book 3 just yet) are a good lively read. The plotlines are fast-paced and interwoven throughout is a few main themes. There is a lot of characters and sometimes a little more time could have been spent on their own backstories possibly, but that would of then been to the detriment of the flow of the storyline – they can also be a little cliché too, the gorgeous female scientist and the rugged lead character but as you read you get the tone of the book and this really doesn’t matter so much. Some of the descriptions of the elevator aswell are occasionally confusing also, but the general scen setting and feeling of being in a run-down city are very good.

So would I recommend it? yes, its not high-end sci-fi space opera, just a good read that will keep you going back to see what happens next.