Positives: Funny, Sarcastic, Clever, Observational

Negatives: Not really any, another great trundle through Sam Vines life, enjoy!

Book Description:  Commander Sam Vimes is forced by his wife, to take a vacation. After a short time of enjoying his vacation, he discovers that the rural community has a dark past. Vimes finds out that the son of Lord Rust has been enslaving goblins to force them to work on his tobacco plantations allowing him to manufacture cigars cheaply that are then smuggled to Ankh-Morpork. After teaming up with the local constable, a young man called Upshot, Vimes manages to arrest those responsible for the crime. 

Review: To come…. honest , really, just be patient ok? Look its a good one, I’d read t again i would honest…

Out of ten: Ill call it a 8.5, Pay-turnable (is that a real word? anyway) i enjoyed it