Great Scott! 35 years after its launch, Voyager 1 has apparently left the solar system! although there does now seem to be a great deal of debate about, maybe Vger has got to reception but maybe left something back in his room and not quite actually booked out, and got a taxi home.

Svgero anyway Vger is approaching the good heliosphere – what in solar-powered-stuff is the heliosphere I hear you all cry out? well its sort of the bubble bitsurrounding the solar system, populated solely by charged particles. The bit before entering the unknown bit (is that too scientific for you?), the mystery bit that we are not entirely sure about at least not conclusively. There thats clearer.

Well actuality between the unknown bit between galaxies and the heliosphere is a bit called the heliospause – i suggest you wiki it to be honest as ill run out of caffeine otherwise.

So yes well amazing stuff, how far is that I hear you say? – well a long way indeed is the answer, apparently Vger is some 8 billion km from the sun (1 billion km is approx 670 million miles away, roughly the speed of 2nd class post).

But good job Voyager had happy continued flying old chap!

cb 2013