Positives: Different, good depth, great first book from Author, really immerses you into the world he had created

Negatives: Very gritty, sometimes slowWTG-cover

Book Description:  Anderson Lake is a company man, AgriGen’s calorie representative in Thailand. Under cover as a factory manager, he combs Bangkok’s street markets in search of foodstuffs long thought to be extinct. There he meets the windup girl – the beautiful and enigmatic Emiko – now abandoned to the slums. She is one of the New People, bred to suit the whims of the rich. Engineered as slaves, soldiers and toys, they are the new underclass in a chilling near future where oil has run out, calorie companies dominate nations and bio-engineered plagues run rampant across the globe.

Review: An in-depth read, reminded me of China Mielville’s first book Perdido Street Station. Full of description, reality based sci-fi, mixed in with liberal true grit and hardship. Often the book slows down, but comes together ultimately. If you want to try and new Author then this is for you, sometimes not an easy read, other word to set the scene: Industrial, Dark, Wet, Organic, Bleak, Futile, and so on; the strength of this read is that it sucks you into its all too believable world, something that many SF authors fail to establish.

Out of ten

Ill call it a 8, yes i would I really would and look fwd to futher works